Larry Sasser-Me-Roy Franklin
Paul Franklin Sr-Hal Rugg-Me
Pat Heller (Playing My Zum)
Bruce Watkins
Mike Johnson-Me
BBBBruce and I became friends when we were about
6 years old. Bruce left town when he was in his teens
to start his music career and we lost touch untill
some 30 years later. He is a session player and
session leader in Nashville now. Bruce knows I have
a love for country music and the steel guitar and has
given me the opportunity to meet many of the
musicians that I admire. It's been a thrill to get to
see first hand how a recording session is done.
Thank you Bruce!
Bruce played my Gibson Hummingbird on one of
his sessions. My folks bought this for me in 1966
Me-Marty Raybon
Doug  Jernigan- Me
Brent Mason
James Mitchell
Jim Vest
Sonny Garrish
Vince Gill- Me- and my wife Sonja
Ranger Doug
Me and Bruce Watkins