Welcome to my music page ......
When I was very young, I can remember watching the country music shows on TV listening on
radio, because of my Dad. I can remember loving the sound of the steel guitar..at that time ,still
non pedal. I have always loved country music and the sound of the steel guitar. In 1984 at age 32 ,
I bought a Shobud Maverick. The following is my scrap-book of the fun times that I had playing
the steel guitar...never got all that good... but  steel guitar has been a big part of my life.
MMy 1976  Emmons
My 2004 Zum
Josh is one of the finest young
talents I have had the privilege
to play music with. I have
known him since he was a
teenager just starting to play
guitar. I feel very lucky to have
gotten to play steel for him.  
He has  several CD's that show
his talent. Keepin it Country!
Dale Jackson--Lead Guitar
Willie Jackson--Drums & Vocals
Tom Beck--Bass Guitar
Mark Vacarro--Fiddle
Stepp'in Out Country Band
Bill Hulvey--Lead & Vocals & Piano
Bill Hovis--Rhythm & Vocals
Roger Bass--Bass & Vocals
Marvin Skiles--Drums & Vocals
Click Below to hear some clips
1992 Emmons
Sorry for the poor quality, this
was recorded along with rhythm
track on a cassette recorder in
1996 and the tape has deteriorated
(I can't beleive this
went so wrong)
Really liked the Emmons  (bought  it new
through Pat Heller) just thought I wanted
a Zum.So I bought a  used red Zum SD10
and let Scotty sell the Emmons.I still wish
I had kept it. Years latter I sold the red
Zum because I bought a new Zum in 2004
Now my favorite is a 1974 Emmons P/P.
I also have a 1976 P/P, both SD10's
Memories to burn
1993 Zum
Dale and Melody  gave me a chance
to play in a real live band situation.
Before then it was jam sessions ,etc.
This was the early 90's and I am
happy to be back playing with them
and Josh. I thank them for taking
me under their wing ....so to speak.
I thank them for giving me the
chance and the oportunity  to play.
        Josh Driskill