Flame's Autumn Rose shown as a
Image above her is her mother Sambow's
Ebony Jane
Missouri's Chance S Sire
of Flame's Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose shown as a 2yr old
in 1982
Dale & Sonja's Foxtrotters
A History of Over 25 Years of
Breeding and Showing Foxtrotting Horses
In 1977, shortly after we were married, my husband and I bought our first horse,
Sambow's Ebony
Jane. She was a black walking horse. My good friend, Lester "Pete" Sloan said I should
her also as a foxtrotter. At the time there were many double registered horses. I later bred
Jane to the double registered stallion Missouri's Chance S. The product of that cross was
Autumn Rose. This cross of Ebony Masterpiece and Merry Go Boy bloodlines has
multiple champions in the walking horse breed.
Autumn Rose was very beautiful and easy to train. Starting her under saddle was as
simple as
getting on and riding off. Although I had plans to make a plantation horse out of her,
she had
different ideas. She was an absolutely natural foxtrotting horse. Pete talked me into
showing her as
a foxtrotter and helped me polish her to show. She won many ribbons in area shows and
was a
reserve champion amatuer horse at the Celebration. Due to an injury, she was retired
from showing
as a three year old.
At that time we decided to breed her. The resulting foal was a bright chestnut stallion,
Fire Star by the great Missouri Traveler. He is now owned by Ron and Pat Denney and
family of
Rodgersville, Mo and won world champion in Open, Ladies, Amature, and Juvenile
divisions. Mr
Wayne Jones of Waynesville, Mo was interested in Firestar as a weanling and purchased
including a breeding to stallion, Missouri's Casey Jones. Autumn was bred to him from
transaction and the result of that mating was two time World Grand Champion Stallion
Shadow. My husband Dale, trained and showed him as a two year old and he was later
sold to Jim
Wisdom of House Springs, Mo where he is today. He has sired several champions in his
own right
including a reserve World Grand Champion, Wee Willie Wisdom.
Dale getting Casey's Shadow ready
to show as a 2 yr old. We only got to
show him twice, Perryville and Patton
Mo. He won both times!
Dearl & Jim  Wisdom and Casey. Two
time World Grand Champion Stallion
1993 & 1994. Has only been
accomplished by one other stallion to
Casey's Shadow as a
2 yr old on the
Hampton farm in 1989
Autumn was bred to Casey Jones several more times after he was purchased by Ralph
Hedrick of
Ava, Mo. and the foxtrot world begain to see his worth in carring on the legacy of Missouri
Traveler, then deceased. Sadly, Casey Jones has also passed away leaving ondly a handful of
breeding sons to carry on his line. Their daughters, Casey's Sierra Rose and Casey's Wildest
have won countless amatuer, ladies,and open classes and multiple championships. They have
the same look and absolutely natural gaits of their mother with Casey Jones drive and style.
Sonja showing Casey's Siera
Rose at the Celebration in 1988
Sonja showing Autumn Rose
at the Celebration in 1983
Casey's Wildest Dreams  Jr Champion
Hillsboro and St. Clair Mo 1999